Boyle Heights S.T.E.M. Academy

Carver Middle School

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, supportive, engaging, and challenging learning environment that supports all students and prepares them for academic success.

The Carver Middle School’s staff-developed vision demonstrates our commitment to academic excellence, developmental responsiveness and social equity: Dr. George Washington Carver Middle School aspires to be a place where excellence in teaching and academic needs of all students are nurtured and inspired in a safe, creative, and challenging learning environment.

Clinton Middle School

Here at Clinton, we model our pride through our academics, extra curricular activities and belief that we never give up. We are resilient, persistent, and value one another. Our goal for you here at Clinton is that you achieve academic excellence and are college and career ready. Clinton is an AVID, Kagan, and Restorative School.

Here we practice the 4 B’s: Be safe, be responsible, be respectful, and be restorative.

ALL the staff are here to support each and every single one of you. Remember our motto: “Good better best, never let it rest. Until the good is better and the better is best!”

Sal Castro Middle School

The staff at Sal Castro Middle School is committed to fostering a safe, collaborative, and nurturing learning environment where students participate in a rigorous and relevant curriculum that promotes reflection. Within this environment, students will demonstrate grade level knowledge in reading, writing, math, and critical thinking, enabling them to succeed in high school and beyond, using the 21st Century skills learned and applied in all content areas, including collaboration, critical thinking, technology literacy, and productivity.

Virgil Middle School

Through goal setting and high expectations, we support college and career readiness for all students.